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  "Fox Mulder Rich" -Julie's Baby
Clearwater, FL
"Duke" - 135 lb. Rottweiler
Truck Restraint
"Champ" - 90 lb. Rottweiler
Truck Restraint
"Sadie" - 20 lb. Beagle
Truck Restraint
"Kayden" - Buffy's Baby
Car Restraint
Mike Robertson's Rottweilers with the Bedbolt
"Avery & Amanda" - 3 lb. & 6 lb.
Yorkshire Terriers
Car Restraint

"Biscuit" - 2 1/2 yr. old Westie who
lives in Illinois (using car restraint)
Biscuit is Lynda's baby!

"Dallas" - 6 month old Westie who
lives in Illinois (using car restraint)
...Lynda's other baby!

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