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IMPORTANT: For your pets safety, and for the Doggie Catcher to work as intended, you must provide a SECURE anchor point, such as:

  • The Bedbolt (See illustration below)
  • You can bolt down a footmans loop to the center or middle of the truck bed.
  • Attach a chain between the tie downs and connect a "quick link" through the middle chain link (the Doggie Catcher is intended to secure to the chain - not slide the length of the chain).
  • You can secure an Eye-bolt in the middle of the truck bed with proper components.
  • For sport utilities, it attaches easily to existing tie downs in the cargo area.
  • For airplanes and boats, it attaches easily to any secure point that the "quick link" can connect to.
The Bedbolt
Ready to Go!
"Peach" - 50 lb. Golden Retriever
Sport Utility
"Champ" - 90 lb. Rottweiler
Truck Bed
"Lady" - 55 lb. Australian Shepperd
Truck Bed
"Annie" - 50 lb. Greyhound
"Sam" - 58 lb. Poodle

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